Grace Hanson - founder of Comfort Cards - set out to create a community for people who are going through difficult times, living with anxiety or depression, or simply can't find the words to help support a loved one. Comfort Cards is a way to destigmatize mental health and make sure people know that they are not alone. Today, it is so easy to send a text message or a DM on Instagram that it can almost feel impersonal. This is something that Grace feels extremely passionate about, and when she met entrepreneur Gabby Kono, they discussed the importance of handwritten cards. That's when they decided to work together and cultivate a community for people who want to stray from the social-media obsessed world.

Quick, minimum-word messages like texts, tweets, and wall posts have replaced longer forms of writing, such as cards and letters. Everyone is in such a rush these days, and they can only focus for so long "on one particular task". That "task" can even be reaching out to a loved one.

Our objective at Comfort Cards is to inspire people not to resign themselves to this fast-paced way of life, and increasingly superficial forms of communications. A handwritten card can have a major impact both on you and the person receiving the card. Receiving a handwritten card is guaranteed to improve a person's mood. Additionally, the person sending the card will also be in a better state of mind after they sit down to write it. Your handwritten words tell someone they matter to you. Let us help you help someone else. A handwritten card, especially a Comfort Card, is the perfect gift to capture those feelings. 

Illustrations by Miss Gloria Designs.

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